George Orwell really was the greatest and most insightful political satirist in human history to date. If you look at 1984 and Animal Farm he correctly and not a tad unsubtle-like pointed out how Stalinism wasn’t socialism and how easily Revolutions can be hijacked. However he went so much deeper. The Orwellian police state concept is alive today much greater than it ever was in the USSR or Nazi Germany because we can see how the modernised dictatorships of China, North Korea, many parts of Africa and the middle east, and systematic dictatorships like America, the EU and the likes of Honduras enforce it through technological surveillance. Not being allowed to protest at Obama or the Queen of England and the Gardai throwing the Irish flag in the bin was the best example. As a great man once said, ‘there’s no democracy without socialism, and there can be no socialism without democracy.’


After a very good but modestly sized(300 or so,a bout a 100-200 smaller than last week) assembly Spanish-Irish protest by the Spire in Dublin today, someone pointed it out on the protest event page and I thought it was a good point that anyone who doesn’t adhere to party material not being brought to the protests should get no speaking rights. Marcus(I can’t recall his last name but he’s a very sound lad) of the WSM-the anarchist movement, who didn’t bring any of their material-correctly pointed out today that the SWP have had people at all the meetings and its hard to therefore see how it wasn’t intentional that 5 or 6 of them were handing out their propaganda today. In my view they did what the SWP does best, they ignored the rules. The socialist party and the WSM are heavily involved and they respect the assembly’s rules, the proposed motions of which were and still are democratically voted on up to 3 times a week. There’s no excuse for the SWP not to in my view and i move that anyone who doesn’t in future shouldn’t get speaking rights. The SWPare notorious for this behaviour and some of their members clearly don’t think much of democratic socialism if they can’t even adhere to weekly votes.

The whole idea of socialism is on the table in my view in the medium term. However, that’s a medium term debate. Right now its about ending centralized bourgeois democracy. What we are trying to achieve, if we achieved it on a wider inter continental scale eventually, is bigger than universal suffrage. Real democracy is what we have been doing the last few weeks in the Real Democracy Now Dublin, Cork and Galway branches. Making decisions every week, sometimes 3 times a week. Now whether that’s self-governing socialism depends on how people want to vote on certain issues. Personally(again I copped onto this thanks to Marcus) I think it inevitably subconsciously involves some form of socialism anyways as Irish people would in my view, vote to renationalize our telecoms, oil and gas stocks and to keep our state assets. but if we can’t logically argue against an irrational economic model like imperialist capitalism then there’s no hope for socialism anyways. You are right. This revolution has a number of inherent key aims. 1. Give people a real say in how they run their lives from Dublin to Dresden and Madrid to Moskow. 2. Try and combat poverty through such votes. ie you and I are unlikely to vote for things that don’t benefit our societies and ourselves as people if we think things through logically. 3. Increase equality. 4. End centralized decision-making that allows corrupt people to waste all of our money on bank’s and developers’ and their own debts and plunder our resources without our say so. 5. End austerity and high unemployment stop them both from happening again.

Yes such ideas do involve some sort of socialism indirectly and participative democracy through striving to achieve these aims is inherently left-wing, even without people meaning to be left-wing. But there can be no socialism or social justice without democracy anyways and thats why I’m involved in this revolution. If I can help achieve these aims in my lifetime ASAP, better people can carry on the longer term fight for what I believe in after I’m gone. Every generation has a chance to change the way the world works. This is ours. Oh, and perhaps it’s time to start attending more anarchist book fairs, as if that’s the type of socialism that involves real democracy, it’s one that as someone still defining my precise ideals and stances on socialism, I ought to consider.

Source 1 (http://www.irishtimes.com/blogs/theindex/2011/05/27/why-are-the-irish-not-more-like-spains-indignados/?via=rel) 

This is an interesting article by IT writer and blogger Laura Slattery in which she lays down over 20 points why the Irish may not be exactly inherent revolutionaries. She touches on some home truths but ignores the colonial and catholic fascist past compared to the proud pasts of the Spanish, Greeks et al. However, the only really obvious difference between the Irish and Spanish historically is that for centuries(from about 1652-1922) Ireland had no control over its own affairs and ’twas a colony of one the most ‘civilised’ thieving barbaric Empires of the last few hundred years namely, the British empire. Although history is debatable though, she also partially ignores the self loathing trait of irish people ingrained in our mentality. I don’t think we are so different from Greece, Portugal etc in terms of rebellious and blood stained or disturbing hate fueled histories(ie the Spanish civil war saw thousands of civilians on both sides executed in firing squads), but rather how irish society has been uniquely programmed to take all sorts of crap.

The reality is, in me own view, that the only history of sustained resistance from ordinary people on this island stems from socialism. In 1913 we had the most famous ever social uprising on this island with the great Strike/Lockout led by Connolly and Larkin. Other things such as the Socialist Republican postal strikes of 1921/22 and the Limerick Soviet also involved ordinary people, paupers betrayed by the pro-establishemnt IRA of the time., which sided with the wealthy landowners and Catholic Church all across the new Free State. Our state has a huge history, since WT Cosgrave(as official letters in either/or Trinity College/Dept. Of the Taoiseach, if memory serves correctly, state) was Taoiseach in the first Southern Irish government, replacing Michael Collins, wrote to various colleagues on Dept. paper and record stating that it would be better to let the impoverished beggars and sons of single mothers emigrate than confront the problem head on. Yet again this is also common in all the other PIIIGS states. So, why doesn’t Ireland fight back?

One could argue that Irish people emigrate so much that there are so few young people left to fight back. Yet Iceland is much smaller than us(with about a 5th the size of Dublin’s population) and they fought back! In my view the main problems today are the different Ireland’s. It’s not a case of how different we are as people to the Greeks, but how we react as people. There are the wealthy in our society who have everything to lose from social anarchy and there are the middle classes-which are stagnating in my view rather than shrinking if we look at the high purchase levels of new cars in Ireland since 2009, and i think they’re stagnating because it’s harder for newly educated professionals to accumulate the wealth needed to be seen as ‘middle class’. The middle class here pays less tax than any other country in Europe, with our higher rate being 37%. Denmark is the most directly comparable economy in the world to Ireland. It’s higher rate is 57%. The Wealthy here can pay about 1-5% tax through depositing and tax laundering in the IFSC which is 3 times our GDP(the Gross domestic output of our economy) and holds assets of 1.8 trn USD. Through these ‘Double Irish’ mechanisms, Google pays about 2% tax. And yet they quibble over the 11.5% ‘effective rate’. Denmark has an effective rate of 25%. The callousness of these(the wealthy, as middle class is too broad a term to generalise) people is shown through many areas towards the people of another Ireland, the Ireland where thousands of people die every year through inequality and children starve in Kilkenny whilst OAP’s languish through bins for food or wander around shopping centres in the Winter to keep warm.

During the week there was a headline on the raving right-wing Irish ‘Indo’ ‘s frontpage by the OECD who said ‘cut the dole to create jobs’. Neo liberalism bullshit. In Denmark, social welfare is 24’000 euro per annum in a similarly expensive economy. Here, it’s about 9’776 euro per annum or less as if you are under 25 it’s 5’200 euro. Denmark also has a very low unemployment rate since this long time and much better public services via the aforementioned high taxes to boot. The notion that in an economy which is the second most expensive in Europe we can socially or economically afford to cut already ultra low dole levels at a time of 3.2% inflation, peak oil, and ever rising mortgage interest payments is laughable in the extreme. And then, with all of these underlying factors that cause Ireland to be so divided, you also get Supermacs who are opening stores all over the shop etc. seeking a minimum wage of 7.65 EUR comparing us to the 3.40 EUR wage in Spain, a much cheaper economy where that wage itself is clearly too low. In Denmark the minimum wage is 12.50 EUR. Unemployment there is under or about 7%, less than half our own rate, because that society prioritizes the needy through class compromise. Invalidity pensions, carer’s pensions, Sunday pay to 240’000 poorly paid workers, blind people’s and disability payments have all been and will continue to be cut heavily. Sooner or later it will explode.

So in essence we have one of the most trampled on workforces in Europe that in real terms, is proportionally as much as Spain. There are 460’000 people registered as out of work. That’s 15% of the workforce. This DOES NOT INCLUDE the formerly Self-employed i.e. hairdressers, carpenters, plumbers etc. who are only entitled by law to a health board payment of around 48.50 EUR a week, which you couldn’t survive on in any of the so called PIIIGS countries. It also does not include the thousands who get their dole payments delayed by 3-6 months, most notably in commuter towns like Navan. It also does not include 16 and 17 year olds who graduate from school(my brother will be 16 when he graduate, so it happens! I meself was 17 with 9 more months before I turned 18) and do not manage to obtain a college course. Easily that has to be well over 500’000 people out of work, in reality. Spain has more people out of work than the whole population of this country. Ireland has more people out of work than the populations of 3 smaller countries of similar economic and geographic scale, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The question is not just why we do not revolt-although mortgage homeowners and enough graduates with no viable emigration options as visa options get gradually reduced ie as is happening with Australia atm, as the global economy shrinks further in the years ahead-and not if we will, but when. The inherent subservience and propagandizing natures of our elitists do not apply to what are in real terms, 50% of unemployed young people, or 33% ‘officially’. 500’000 people are unemployed. 210’000 people according to a recent Irish Credit Union survey(that have jobs) have not enough income to pay their bills at the end of the month. 735’000 others have only 1-5% of their incomes left each month after just about managing to pay said bills. As 240’000 people are about to experience pay cuts via the JLC agreements and have their pensions targeted with a new 0.6% levy, as well as facing rising fuel costs and increasing mortgage interest rates, a lot of this section of society, effectively 1 in 3 Irish people, will soon be pushed over the edge. As Bob D once said, ‘when ye ain’t got nothing, ye got nothing to lose’. Like default, it’s not if we have a revolution but when. Watch this space.

#irishrevolution #july16 #eurevolution #worldrevolution


‘Time to make a stand, Time to roar’,Anois ‘Réabhlóid na hEorpa!
European Revolution now!, Révolution européenne maintenant! ,
Europäische Revolutionär Jetzt! . Entry 1 in a new ongoing blog.
#irishrevolution #spanishrevolution etc.

Please see: FB: ‘Protest for a true Democracy Now’, ‘For a true
democracy now Dublin!’ ‘True Democracy Now! #SpanishRevolution in
Cork’, ‘Spanish Revolution’, ‘Dutch Revolution for real democracy’,
‘Operation Revolution France’, ‘Real Democracy Now UK!’, ‘UK
Revolution 2011, Real Democracy Now’, ‘Italian Revolution, Democrazia
Reala Ora’,  and Andy Purf if you wish to contact your truly-any
friend of any nation welcome. Please twitter #the name of the country,
then revolution. For Greece, it’s #m25gr

And for information on this and other matters regarding the Dublin
Democratic Revolutionary movement, you can email me at
apjpisared@gmail.com(although I must stress that I am not to credit
for the start of this movement, I am just offering to assist in any
way I can-the Spanish people living in Ireland started this movement
with protests last Saturday in Dublin, Cork and Galway),
fediko@hotmail.com and <leticiaillescas@gmail.com> I am seeking to
merge the rapidly growing FB page and smaller Twitter I set up last
Saturday with the Dublin Revolutionary movement so I am not going to
bother promoting it here again as it will probably be done together
for solidarity purposes soon, all going well.

Over the last few days in between exams and when time allowed, I spent
a few hours tweeting and posting to @ballyhea14 etc.(the ultimate
Irish democratic revolutionary Twitter page-he’s marching to Dublin
from Cork on a four day tour in a few weeks time-see
and also the ‘Fermoy says no to bailouts’ threads on
politicalworld.org) for a protest for Saturday next May the 28th
after changing my mind on an earlier date of Friday(more on that
later), to coincide with the For a True Democracy Now Dublin group in
Dublin and my plea for as many Irish and non-Irish people to join me
in demonstrating was as follows:

Well. Andrew’s me name and like many people me age I don’t want much
from life, just to get a good job when I graduate in doing something I
like. However, it’s madness atm. Look, I know a lot of you like me
don’t read the newspapers. We don’t watch RTE’s bullshit or TV3 news
etc. save for the sanity of VB/Vincent Browne on occasion but we know
things are getting out of hand with college fees too high, and your
parents mortgages crippling their lives. The ECB is going to hike
interest rates again, which without being intentionally boring, is why
we need to leave the euro so we can protect homeowners via low
interest rates and a near halving of the debt on their homes through
outright devaluation of a punt nua. I know many people tune out and
just watch Jedward and get on with their lives as best they can,
because hey what else can ye do, right?

But I just want to say that it doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t
have to agree with my politics to feel injusticed atm. I mean grants
are being cut very heavily, many of you probably can’t afford health
insurance or the dentist, can’t get a medical card and have to help
family members pay their bills with any spare cash you find. Yes we
had an election, but apart from a few dozen helpul or semi-helpful
opposition TD’s everything is still the same. Politicians still fly in
jets, live on 6 figure wages and expenses at our expense driven round
in bloody chariots to boot whilst you and I, future workers hopefully,
see increases in suicides, depression, drug usage, domestic violence,
health problems, mental health problems, youth drug usage due to
poverty etc. Official and unofficial figures have previously stated
5’000 Irish people die every year from inequality and suicides are
over double what they were three years ago.

But we can change this. A little country less than 1’000 miles north
of us called Iceland protested for 10 months a few years back and got
a referendum on the unfair and cruel bank bailout forced on them. Then
when the ubers who lied to get elected(sound familiar anyone?) tried
to do a Lisbon 2(for you non Irish folk google the ‘Yes for Jobs
slogan’ which was akin to ‘yes or Starve’ regarding Official Ireland’s
second Lisbon treaty campaign in 2009) on them, they voted no again.
Spain has more unemployed people than the whole of Ireland’s
population. Ireland has more people out of work than the whole of
Iceland’s population. We all face the same problems, and as we speak
Spain and Italy and Greece are fighting back via revolution.

Now just to finish I know it’s not always easy to take things
seriously as Irish people naturally probably all hate politicians-at
least thats my view of the problem. But we don’t need politicians to
make our own choices. And the choice we now face is do we let the
Gardai and the taxmen kill innocent
people(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nM04…ature=youtu.be) and
traitors get away with(literally) murder or do we stand up for our
rights with our friends from Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy and
Iceland etc.? There is a demonstration next Saturday organized by the
European Revolutionary movement in Dublin, with no party banners or
party leaflets allowed(though I think things like the non party Anti
War movement and Enough campaign may be allowed-email one of the
others to confirm) and everyone is welcome. It’s on from 2-5 p.m. at
the Spire, the heart of our capital by the GPO and Jim Larkins statue,
which could be the next best thing to an Irish Tahrir square/Puerta
Del Sol for us as it’s in the middle of the country’s three busiest
streets. I am willing to give what money I can spare to ensure a
sustained democratic campaign of protest is held until we have our
referendum, justice, equality, and our country back. The choice is
yours. Please stand with me.

Now since then the protest has had 60 confirmed attendees. See the top
of the page for the FB details. Also here’s an interesting video of
the Spanish-Irish solidarity demo at the Spire from last saturday:
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtcyHZKBEGE&NR=1) . Some of the best
signs at the event, and I have photos which I am struggling to upload,
included ‘Govts and Banks the Real Piiigs’ ‘Spain, Ireland-Piiigs must
stick together!’, ‘Muerte al capitalismo!’, “Start the Irish
Revolution now!’ whilst the crowd chanted ‘Don’t look at us, join
us!’. My own placard, courtesy of 4 star pizza, read ‘Ireland,
Iceland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Poland,
Malta, etc. European socialist revolution now!’. All going well, I’ll
have two of them stapled to me hurley for the next day.

Since then the world has found out a few things. Firstly, Iceland did
what Ireland should’ve done.
It is recovering since last Autumn after doing the right thing and
letting banks fail, thanks to the people who campaigned 10 months for
their first referendum and had their second a month or so ago. Spain
is having a revolution(see http://twitter.com/#!/democraciareal and
#spanishrevolution and #yeswecamp to start with). Italy has since
started as well:
(http://www.facebook.com/italianrevolution?ref=ts&sk=wall) You can
show your support for the Spanish Revolution on politicalworld.org
which is Ireland’s fastest growing forum by joining and contributing
to this thread which many hope will soon contain regular Irish
demonstrations for the need for a referendum on the diktat, no more
cuts, fair taxation and justice for our people:
(http://www.politicalworld.org/showthread.php?t=8159) and their huge
arab spring thread is as follows:
Marches have also been taking place in Holland, France and England
with sit ins in Paris by both the French and Spanish at the Bastille.
Twitter: @SpainatDam , @_globalcamp , @Acampadaparis, @Acamapdalyon,
#m25gr just for tasters.

We don’t have to keep beating ourselves up or mocking protesters,
which some of us in Ireland take too easily to doing. We can change
our country. It’s not the fecking troika’s country, or the vichy
govt.‘s country, it’s yours and mine! So, please come to the Spire
Saturday at 2 p.m. for an assembly styled protest, which the movement
hopes to organize in spirit of the successful Egyptian, Tunisian and
Spanish commissions and Street assemblies, weather permitting of
course. The revolution does not come from androids or Ipad’s, it comes
from FB, blogs, youtube and twitter which are the incredible mass
mobilization tools of our time.

I’d like to read you with a lovely poem by Irish poet David Shelton
which I found insightful, inspiring, polemic and not a tad
Eireann go brea(Lovely Ireland/The lovely Irish/Ireland me love).
Well now we’re truly broke,the party’s done.
All who had great riches, now have none.
Those who dreamed the dream can only weep,
And slosh around in debt a fathom deep.
Our discourse laden down with gloom and strife.
The doom so thick you’d cut it with a knife.
Zombie banks are feeding on our flesh,
Insatiable, each day they start a fresh.
The great and good have many things to hide
The old,the poor,the sick are cast aside.
Corrupted by their greed our leaders lie,
Transfixed we watch our childern’s futures die.
We’ll whinge ourselves to death but never act,
As former friends devise some new attack.
The irish lemmings racing to the cliff,
The cute hoors(common Irish phrase for a populist gombeen) holding
back to bag a spiff.
And experts chart another good way out.
Some say head for north,some say south.
Despondency is giving way to dread,
Our self regard is hanging from a thread.
If talk could cure our ills we’d never ail.
The only thing we’ve learned is how to fail.
Debate won’t cut the mustard any more,
It’s time to take a stand
It’s time to roar,

david shelton

See also: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xiv00x_yes-we-camp-french-revolution-mai-2011_news

PS when’s the #EuropeanRevolution getting tweeted? I’ll blog on the
meetings and me thoughts on what this revolution should contain on
Friday evening. I will also include my beliefs on the need for a new
economic model for global society ASAP, but that is for another day
and my own personal opinion, not that of every European democratic
revolutionary at present. Other topics I will discuss in the coming
days and weeks include the Arab Spring, which is ongoing, the Chilean
uprisings(I read somewhere that 200’000 people marched in Santiago
recently??) and a link to the Burma uprising if possible. One thing’s
for sure, 2011 is quite possibly the next 2008. No soundbites or
belief based rhetoric, just what I think, I promise. Please share this
blog if possible!

YouTube – Videos from this email

ABSTRACT 1: Indirect causes of stress from the IMF’s presence. How the Neo liberal tallymen wreck our health.

The IMF’s role in intervening in indebted nations is more than controversial. I am absolutely sure from the research I’ve carried out that its’ intervention directly increases poverty in virtually every stated case of ‘aid’. And I intend to prove it.  Source 1 (http://www.globalissues.org/article/3/structural-adjustment-a-major-cause-of-poverty) from Globalissues.org, a major international anti-poverty research organization and think tank states the following(to paraphrase): ‘Many developing nations are in debt and poverty partly due to the policies of institutions like the IMF and the World Bank. The way the IMF goes about its policies directly reduces spending on state services. In effect, the IMF and the World Bank have demanded that poor nations lower the standards of living of their people’ .

On Saturday last, May 7th, Morgan Kelly released what was an almost historic article criticizing the Central Bank of Ireland Governor Patrick Honohan, but that was not the main theme of it. Source 2 (http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/opinion/2011/0507/1224296372123.html) is titled ‘Ireland’s future depends on breaking free from bailout’ from that day’s issue of the Irish Times. It has since being quoted internationally as proof of our impending default. In it, he states that(despite claiming the IMF were very lenient compared to the ECB and EU on being pro-partial default/’restructuring’) the troika are ‘loan sharks’ and that the obligations of pandering to such tally men  are so austere that bridging the government deficit straight away is a must for us to have any future long term, and that even though this would be more immediately austere, it is preferable to the troika’s permanent neo liberal clutches. He makes a compelling argument. And thus, deriving from my anti-troika approach, this respected economics lecturer in UCD has laid the basis for my argument. How could an organization be so evil, so hideous and so impoverishing of third world and now, ‘developed’ societies that immediate ‘total fiscal adjustment’ or to speak English, to make finding as much of 17.6 bn euros overnight as possible through immediate taxation, capital controls and cuts a preferable alternative?

A recent study carried out by the Irish Pharmacy Union (Source 3: http://www.politicalworld.org/showthread.php?t=8054&highlight=Irish+pharmacy+union) certainly supports the well professed notion that the IMF causes health deterioration. For example, one of its’ main findings  was that there have been major rises in Irish stress levels this year. The IMF came to town last November. The aforementioned source leads on to a discussion derived from Source 4 who broke the news. The excellent breaking news.ie(Source 4: http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/s…#ixzz1LiQ1uB3c) was first out as it always is with this story. ‘The survey found that more people are telling chemists/pharmacies that they are experiencing stress related symptoms. There has been a 75% increase in sleeplessness and 60% more have experienced stomach problems’-than this time last year-both of these things are directly related to higher stress problems for Irish people.

These problems are related to other factors. Source 5(http://www.politicalworld.org/showthread.php?t=7728&highlight=Credit+union) shows the findings and public discussion of a recent study by the Irish League of Credit Unions which found the following: ‘One in five people have just €70 disposable income each month after monthly bills are paid, a survey by the Irish League of Credit Unions has found. The ILCU’s ”
What’s Left Tracker” also found that 80% of families are worried they will not cope if an unforeseen expense arose.

Revealing an increasingly pressurised and cash- strapped population, the survey also found more than a third of the people questioned also see no future in Ireland for themselves or their family.

Carried out across Ireland, the ILCU report also found that despite suggestions that saving levels have increased in recent years, almost half of those surveyed did not have enough money to save.

Other statistics from the survey included:

* As many as 735,000 Irish adults have just between 1% and 5% of their income left after paying essential bills.

* For 6%, or 210,000, Irish adults, income doesn’t even cover essential bills.

* A further 7% of those surveyed said they have nothing left to live on after paying essential bills.

* Just one-in-five of the people surveyed said they have enough to enjoy themselves each month.’

What this shows is that at least 935’000 people are financially pressured in this country. Now when one considers that the maximum limit of having in a credit union account is 23 thousand euro, you can see this is predominantly the class of low paid working people, students, possibly some of the recently unemployed’s redundancy payments, part time workers and pensioners.  Financial pressure is directly the main cause of stress for ordinary Irish people. Stress causes illness and depression. Since the IMF came in, we’ve had 6 billion euro more taken out of the economy, unemployment is already 14.7%(well above what the IMF forecasted as the maximum for this year). Austerity increases poverty which increases health problems. There you have it-in Ireland’s case alone poverty has been increased since last November’s first visit by the IMF and health problems subsequently deteoriate. Unsurprisingly, hospital waiting lists for a bed and numbers on trolleys are also ever rising. Ireland needs to tear loose these vultures.If our govt. wont, we should do it ourselves.  Oh, and I too hold a credit union account. Stress…Watch this space.
Next day I will move onto Abstract 2: Direct causes of Death: How the IMF’s support of dictatorships and overthrowing of Marxist Governments with the CIA and the White House led to mass executions.


Source 1 (http://www.globalissues.org/article/3/structural-adjustment-a-major-cause-of-poverty)

Source 2 (http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/opinion/2011/0507/1224296372123.html)

Source 3: (http://www.politicalworld.org/showthread.php?t=8054&highlight=Irish+pharmacy+union)

Source 4: (http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/s…#ixzz1LiQ1uB3c)

Source 5: (http://www.politicalworld.org/showthread.php?t=7728&highlight=Credit+union)

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