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Screaming Admissions

In me dreams

I do be forever there in Agony

Screaming at death from hunger, misery, pain, random senseless fears

Of things no more the cause of me tears

Tortuosity in never ending ferocity

Screaming Admissions of me own buried experiences of Gobshitery, sheer penury, terror, helplessness and awkwardity.

It does be varying

There’s days the ould Caffeine is to blame

And the Drinking levels, in seeking sustenance, do be staying the same

What’s to fear sure from what’s no more?

Not like it scars.

Not like it tars.

Not at all sure.

After being admitted,

And gone there having all but in me Fatalist nature Forfeited,

I was feeling committed,

And still I wake,

From me wake,

A suffering never ending agonising Thousand deaths within a Permanent death,

No cause only a lack of a high,

Only alleviated by a raft of chemicals,

Wondering what is it I

Have to do to switch off,

Am I forever going to be tormented?

When for the Lord Fucking Jaysus will it be supplemented?

Another round there Boss before she’s relented?


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